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EatBeauty™ came as a realization of working in food and nutrition. To create products that fostered inner beauty and wellness whilst maintaining a delicious taste.

I began studying health and wellness within my own home, in an effort to heal my own skin and health concerns I had been dealing with for years, I began using natural foods to heal my body. By using natural food as my medicine, my physical and mental health changed for the better. Good nutrition helped me combat my stress, acne, rosacea, digestive concerns and PMS.


Through my research I found that many supplements were full of artificial ingredients and sweeteners which really did not help and kept me in a vicious cycle. Not only was it full of filler ingredients, it tasted bitter and was hard to enjoy. This inspired me to create EatBeauty™.

My mum, who had the double role of being my best friend - was intrigued by the idea, it was a eureka moment to create delicious products which promotes health, wellness and beauty. She began by setting the task of creating a product line of collagen enriched ice cream, to be taken as a daily supplement and improve well being inside and out. We used the highest quality ingredients, without artificial ingredients and added sugar. That’s how EatBeauty™ was developed with a mission for quality, healthy and delicious products.

I am so happy to be able to partner up with my Mum and share our beautiful product range to more people, I hope you love it as much as we do.

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